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Phoenix Fog is our selection of handcrafted nicotine-based e-liquids (we call it 'juice' because extra syllables make us tense) made right here in the Valley of the Sun. We make our juices for ourselves first and foremost - anything that's offered for sale is only available because we vape it ourselves and we have extra. Since we buy our ingredients in quantity to save money, this happens a lot.

We don't aim to sell our juice to strangers - our customers are vaping co-workers, friends and family. We don't take online orders, and we don't ship. All sales are in person and in cash (we can be persuaded to trade juice for cool stuff, though). Our organization is small, but we're passionate about vaping and making the best juices we can.

This site exists only as a courtesy for our local clientele to show what we have available on hand and by request at any given moment. If you'd like to partake in our juices but aren't part of our monkeyspheres, move to Phoenix and get to know us!